Challenging Keynote lectures

Six Keynote Speakers delivered a Challenging Perspective on the Indian Diaspora at the Global Conference on India Diaspora Studies and Policies. We have brought these interesting lectures together on this page.

Prof. Brij Lal, Australian National University – The inheritance of indenture and vice versa




prof. Narayan Jayaram, National Law School of India University  – Theorising the Indian diaspora: beyond persistence and change




Vineetha Sinhaprof. Vineeta Sinha, National University of Singapore – Moving Beyond a Diasporic Lens: Narrating Mobilities




Shakuntala Rao

Prof. Shakuntala Rao, State University – The Face of India’s mediated global modernity




Ruben GowricharnProf. Ruben Gowricharn, VU University Amsterdam – Economic aspects of the Indian Diaspora




Pete rvan der VeerProf. Peter van der Veer, director Max Planck Institute, GöttingenComparing the Indian and Chinese Diaspora